terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2010

KOW Framework :: Current Status


I know I need to update this blog more often... it's just I've been too busy with my personal life...

First off, I've been through a painful divorce process.. we weren't actually married, but we have bought a house... and until we don't sell it I'm still attached somehow to my ex... which is painful enough by itself, but it get worst... and I'm not talking about this right. :)

I want to summarize the current KOW Framework development status. I don't want to sound miraculous or anything, but I think I might be able to say right now the framework can be compared to django or tapestry... but with all the advantages of the Ada programming language.

There is a long way to go (mainly in fixing bugs and writing documentation) but I strongly feel we are getting somewhere...

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