terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

KOW Framework :: ERP in the works

Howdy all.

I'm the developer for the not-so-known KOW Framework. I'm also the current maintainer for the APQ database bindings for Ada (which is now part of the framework).

I started up codding this framework for developing business applications (both web and desktop) easily. As things have evolved, our focus has changed several times and now we are back to the original idea. :)

Right now we are working with complex Web Applications. KOW Framework has a powerful and high scalable modular architecture. One module can depend on other directly (ie, including the module specification), but you can develop using IoC (Inversion of Control). It allows you to use some MVC principles even though we haven't built it thinking about any of those concepts.

The idea is to make a framework that easy our work for some tedious tasks (such as database interaction, configuration files and page construction). Even though I think we have achieved some of these goals there is a long way to go before we can say it's ready for the general public.

Well, I started using the framework in heavy duty tasks a couple of weeks ago. I'm listing some of it's problems and I intend to fix them ASAP (and then write some decent documentation about it and make a decent public release). But the thing is I'm quite happy with the current status. Even though I've been working all alone and thing has progressed pretty fast. Hopefully we'll have a decent set of Ada libraries for building complex business applications in a short period of time.

For the ones who might ask: I call "business applications" those applications someone who isn't a coder would "implement" using Microsoft Access, or some initial (or lazy) programmers would do in PHP.

The vast majority of programmers would usually go to Java or .NET, which I believe not to be fit to any real life application at all (but that's a totally different topic and I'm not messing with it right now).

ERP and CMS are excellent examples of what I call business applications.

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